MMN ep:013 OrganicNation TV

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I’m talking with Dorothee Royal-Hedinger of She tells us about creating videos for Non Profit organizations. What’s cool about Dorothee is she’s a video producer right here in Chicago using her talents as producer/content creator to tell stories about people and companies that would otherwise have a hard time getting their message out there. Don’t forget to check out the links below to see some of her videos and other projects.


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Things that came up!

Chicago Convergence
Fresh Cut Media
WTTW’s Chicago Tonight
See3 Communications
Judy Hoffman
The Kindling Group
Current TV
SEED BOMBING! (one of my favorite videos)

Video Distribution.
Tube Mogul

Canon HV30
Lacie Drives
MacBook Pro with Final Cut Express

Getting the word out!
Facebook, Twitter, Change This, Evolver, Fair Food Fight

Groups in Chicago
Chicago Net TuesdaysChicago Net Squared

What does Dorothee watch?

Location, Location, Location!
We had tea and well I had a donut too at the Mercury Cafe

MMN ep:11 Community Builders Eric Gunner Rochow

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Meet Eric “Gunner” Rochow, creator of Real World Green and Garden Fork TV. He’s building his own content and a social group around his interests and videos. You can learn a lot from Eric like taming bees, recycling glass and how to get Ford Motor Company to take notice of what you’re doing.

You can watch one of his shows here. But visit The Green House to check out the rest.

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Places you can find Eric’s Show
Real World Green on iTunes
Garden Fork on iTunes

Things that came up!
Tube Mogul
Crash Test Kitchen
For Your Imagination
Ford Fiesta!
Chris Brogan

Eric’s TIPS for building a Community

  1. Have the one thing that makes your community special
  2. Got to serve a specific group of people.
  3. Don’t be the Social Media Guru.
  4. Has to be something they want to watch or listen too.