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Listen to this episode to find out the secret clues about Epicdeer, Ed Pierce’s brainchild and see if you can solve the puzzle before the end of the show!

Turns out we only figured out one of the secrets… If you can figure out the others. SOMEBODY TELL US, PLEASE!

Ed is turning to the internet to re-energized his thoughts and those creative abilities as a writer, actor, filmmaker that he developed back in film school before the tools of storytelling became faster and cheaper. With his podcast THE ICE QUEENS and other websites he’s turning those thoughts into reality that people can listen to and read.

But, Ed being the creative curious person that he is, turns the tables and asks us a few questions. Good thing David Shelleny was there to tell us about funnels or well we would still be talking.

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On the show:
Ed Pierce webtwitter
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David Shelleny webtwitter

Ed Pierce (Right) is explaining THE ICE QUEENS

David Tweets about the show after a fast set up.


Things that came up!
Blurbrry audio player
Google Analytics

Both are forms of higher education.
Jack Handy

Need to make a book?

Post some Thoughts?

For those of you who never used film here are some fun facts about Conforming Film and Edge Numbers

Yup we are at Starbucks again in the meeting room.

Let’s Create New Media in Chicago!

A few of us are having a party or a soiree so to speak!  If you are a new media content creator, small business, entrepreneurs, ad agency, local traditional media, local actors/talent, well the list could go on… That has heard some buzz words about social marketing you should attend this event.  We’ll have fun socializing and talking about all things nerdy.

There are all kinds of crazy ideas floating around out there about this stuff and we’re working on figuring it out like everyone else.

Here’s the gang making this happen but we want to add to this list for the next event!
James Gustin and Andrew Ettenhofer of Fig Media
Tim Jahn of Beyond The Pedway
Gregg Jaffe of Big Teeth Productions
Sean McMenemy, Matt Kern, and David Shelleny of Midwest Media Now!

Hope to see you at the Party! Check out the details below.

What’s all the hubbub?
Chicago has a ton of creative energy and people creating great podcasts, video series, and more! We want to bring everyone together to network and have some fun! This isn’t about watching panels and taking notes; this is about doing!

So what exactly is happening?
Mingle with and learn from new media producers and other creative people! We’ll be showing various productions created by folks here in Chicago and creating brand new content on the spot as well!
The hubbub includes:
On The Spot – Like ‘Jaywalking’ but Chicago-centric, hipper, and starring you! Let’s see how much you know about Chicago!
Local New Media Showcase – A showcase of locally produced new media web series, podcasts, and more.
…and more!

Why should I care?
Because new media can be a great tool for small businesses, entrepenuers, agency folks, and creative people alike! And it’s fun to create! We want new media folks to meet new audiences and create new opportunities for themselves and others.

Who’s coming to this shin-dig?
small business owners
new media content creators
ad agency folks
local traditional media folks
local actors/talent
local production crew (grips, sound folks, etc.)

Who’s putting this together?
This event is being put together by:
James Gustin and Andrew Ettenhofer of Fig Media
Tim Jahn of Beyond The Pedway
Gregg Jaffe of Big Teeth Productions
Sean McMenemy, Matt Kern, and David Shelleny of Midwest Media Now

Would you like your show/video/etc. to be shown?
We’d love to showcase your unique new media content at the event! Simply send an email to Tim with info.

MMN ep:11 Community Builders Eric Gunner Rochow

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Meet Eric “Gunner” Rochow, creator of Real World Green and Garden Fork TV. He’s building his own content and a social group around his interests and videos. You can learn a lot from Eric like taming bees, recycling glass and how to get Ford Motor Company to take notice of what you’re doing.

You can watch one of his shows here. But visit The Green House to check out the rest.

On the show:

Eric Rochow webtwitterfacebookcontact
Matt Kern webtwitter
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Places you can find Eric’s Show
Real World Green on iTunes
Garden Fork on iTunes

Things that came up!
Tube Mogul
Crash Test Kitchen
For Your Imagination
Ford Fiesta!
Chris Brogan

Eric’s TIPS for building a Community

  1. Have the one thing that makes your community special
  2. Got to serve a specific group of people.
  3. Don’t be the Social Media Guru.
  4. Has to be something they want to watch or listen too.