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Jessica Christopher and Jayme Joyce are the two founding filmmakers behind Joone Studios a NEW New Media studio located in Wicker Park. They have all the amenities any budding filmmaker or new media content creator could want. But I’ll let them tell you about the features in the podcast.

What makes this place special? Jessica and Jayme are filmmakers too so they understand the needs of media makers on a budget and they’ve set up a great flexible studio for just about any need. Plus this gives them the space to keep working on their own creations. Which you can find links to in the show notes below.

Check out their work and their studio it might just be the kind of place you’re looking for, for your next productions.

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Joone Studios

Jessica Christopher and Jayme Joyce

Things that came up
Columbia College
Skin Deep
Chicago Overcoats
Days of the Living Dead
Jeph Porter, Producer/Director Lady Parts

Here’s some photos from their event but don’t forget to check out JOONE STUDIOS to get a better view of their studio.

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This is just a fluff piece, but it’s fun fluff… We will be holding more of these events, so let me be the first to toss out some ideas for you.

If you’re a filmmaker and you need a crowd scene come shoot at one of our events. Everyone would love to be in your film!

If you’re a photographer and you have an idea for your next project that involves a crowd. Why not use us as your subjects?

If you’re a musician and you want to see if you can get mold us into your musical instrument. Then you should be there because we like making a lot of noise.

Okay I’m just getting started here but you get the idea. Chicago is a creative community so you start tossing our some ideas.  Leave them here in the comments or send us an email and see what you can come up with. Just let us know and we’ll be sure to let everyone know, who’s coming and what’s in store for them at the event.

But it’s more than just that, were building something here and we can’t do it alone. We’re looking for input and involvement. We want an engaged community that knows what everyone else here is doing and can help spread the word about Chicago and the Midwest.

You can find us on LinkedIn and Facebook, soon we’ll have a website along with other ways you can join the group and be a part of what’s happening.

Too shy to leave a comment or share some ideas contact any one of the founders directly we’ll be happy to talk.

Sean, Gregg, or Tim