MMN EP 009: Abel Raises Cain

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In this episode we talk with Jenny Abel of “Abel Raises Cain“, a film she made about her hoaxter Dad.  We had a great conversation about filmmaking, distributing your film in this digital age and just how far Buck Henry can shoot a soda straw wrapper!

a documentary about ALAN ABEL by Jenny Abel and Jeff Hockett

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You can also view “Abel Raises Cain” at Hulu.

Here’s our mobile set up.  It actually worked out quite well.

Things that came up,

Jenny’s School
Emerson College Boston

Outlets for your films
Slam Dance
Snag Films
Fans of Film

Neat Stuff.
Improv Everywhere

Someone you must read.
Seth Godin

Someone you must watch!
Happy Slip

Ways for filmmakers to connect.
The Workbook Project
The New Breed
From Here to Awesome