Make Media Happen

This is a listing of current projects that is looking for support. What kind of support you might ask? Well I know they would love for everyone who sees this page or likes watching web based content to watch their stuff. But here they’re asking a little more. These projects aren’t free to make and while some people would like you to believe that it’s simply not true.

These creators are using KickStarter to find investors in their projects. I know you won’t like every thing you see here but I know you’ll find something here worth investing in. Remember this is your opportunity to help content that you like and want to see actually get created instead of what mainstream media would like you to watch.

So check out the project listed here and find something you might want to invest in. Honestly this is the easiest way to get your name in the credits of projects that will be the foundation for New Media today.

If you know a content creator here in the Midwest that is using KickStarter or some other method for raising funds and would like to have it listed here where it will be easy to find drop us a line!

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