MMN ep:024 A Face in the Crowd

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This is a first, but I’m sure not a last. New Media talking about Old Media well at least on this show. Today we’re talking about a film “A Face In The Crowd” Director: Elia Kazan 1957

I’ve never seen a more poignant film than this that represents everything that is going on in New Media today.  The idea of a “little radio show” much like a podcast is today launching personalities, to radio and TV personalities having influence over the thoughts of the general public and even big brands wanting a piece of the action because they want to attach their names to a rising star in hopes of selling more product.

Warning, there are some spoilers to the movie as we talk about some key scenes but we didn’t give away the ending or anything like that. All I can say is I encourage everyone to watch this movie even after all this time this movie is more relevant now than ever before.

We’re giving away 3 copies of “A Face in the Crowd” to a random commenter or tweeter that retweets this episode. Please use the following line so we can find your entry easy or just leave a comment on the post. If you’re not already following Midwest Media Now on Twitter that’s okay but you’re missing out!

@midwestmedianow pick me! pick me! I want to see “A Face In The Crowd” #faceinthecrowd

This show was off the cuff with our Wednesday morning media group that at Starbucks in Schaumburg.  Drop by or Skype in if you ever want to be a part of nerdy discussions.  When I brought it up in the group I was surprised to hear at at least one other had seen the movie.

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Tony Gasbarro web
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Celina Acquaro web
Bill Fortune web

Find out more about “A Face In The Crowd”

MMN ep:023 The Edge of Fringe in Chicago

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On the edge of creative performance you will find the fringe. Mikayla Brown and Vinnie Lacey of Fringe Chicago talked with me about their upcoming event slated for the beginning of September. If you’re a performer get your application in there now! The deadline for submissions is February 15th 2010. If you like watching raw creativity well you better pencil in some time between Sept 1st – 5th.

This is no ordinary performance showcase this is stuff you won’t see at any mainstream events. Even Mikayla and Vinnie don’t know what to expect. But judging from their passion and their experience with similar events it’s going to be crazy fun! Fringe events have had quite a history and are popping up all over the county and now here is Chicago!

Just listen to the show and get all the details and hear the history of Fringe.

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Chicago Fringe

Sarah Mikayla Brown
Executive Producer/Interim Board President (Board Member)
Vinnie Lacey
Vice President (Board Member)
Sean McMenemy webtwitter

Things that came up!
Chicago Fringe
Argo Tea
Find out more about Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood here, here and here!

Minnesota Fringe
Fringe NYC

TimeOut NewYork
PopUP Art
Crash Pad Puppets

Chicago Fringe 411
Get on the Mailing List

Got an idea for a show? Are you making something we should know about? What are you waiting for drop us a line, leave a comment and let us help you start the conversation about your project.

MMN ep:022 Master of Funny

It’s been a year since we last talked to Joe Avella. If you remember he’s one of the first people we talked to when we kicked off Midwest Media Now! He was making great stuff then but now he’s working on something even bigger, a feature length film. Yeah a feature!

Working one scene at a time, with friends and on a shoestring he sees a new way to create content and build fans. It’s a lot of work and he talks about his process and what he’s learning about making a film in the era of Web 2.0.

Listen up content creators there are some great lessons talked about here in our first episode of 2010.

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Joe Avella twitter
Jeff Murdoch twitter
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Find Out MORE
Master of Inventions
Master on FACEBOOK

Things that came up!
Master of Inventions Blog
Stu Maschwitz
The Playground
Joe Janes
Seth Godin Permission Marketing
Sita Sings the Blues
Zach Galifianakis Visioneers
Midwest Teen Sex Show
Jon Glaser

Nerd Stuff
Canon XL2
Adobe Premiere
Final Draft
Screenwriting APPs for your iPhone or iPod Touch

Behind the Scenes – Landlord Scene from Joe Avella on Vimeo.

MMN ep:020 Let’s Create!

This was our first Let’s Create Event.  We’ve have another one in the works for NOV and a more on the way.  Check it out our latest one here.

What’s “Let’s Create”?  It’s different things too different people, for Midwest Media Now it’s a chance to meet other content creators, new media movers and shakers and talk with a bunch of fun people that believe in the power of social media.  We networked, showcased peoples works and made a couple shows like the one you’re getting ready to listen too right now.

In the show I also talk about new things we are going to add to the show in hopes of getting more people on the and be a part of the conversation.  This is one way we can help Chicago and the Midwest stand out in New Media.  There will be changes coming to the GUEST page so keep an eye out for that.  It will explain whats happening and how you can be a part.

To learn more about Let’s Create go to this page. I’d encourage more people to participate and be apart of our efforts.  You can be a Co-Host, Location Host or Volunteer.  If you can think of something else by all means let one of us know, Midwest Media Now, Big Teeth Production, Beyond the Pedway or Fig Media know so you can do that.  This is a grassroots effort to make things happen and grow an active new media community.

There’s a lot of stuff that came up so I just thought I’d list all the people I talked to and links to them and their projects so you could do some exploring yourself.

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On the show:
Glenn Johnson, 60 Minutes with Glenn Publications

Michael Hoffman, See3 Communications

Tiffany Tate, “The Fem Geek”

Mari (like safari) Luangrath, Foiled Cupcakes

Jessy Lobel, Savor

Leah Jones, Natiiv Arts & Media

Doc Kane, Roscommon

Susan Rapp, Zacuto

Tim Jahn, Beyond The Pedway

Andrew Ettenhofer, Fig Media

Gregg Jaffe, Big Teeth Productions

Sean McMenemy, Midwest Media Now!
Website: (don’t click on it you are already here!)

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MMN ep:019 Ep Pierce EpicDeer

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Listen to this episode to find out the secret clues about Epicdeer, Ed Pierce’s brainchild and see if you can solve the puzzle before the end of the show!

Turns out we only figured out one of the secrets… If you can figure out the others. SOMEBODY TELL US, PLEASE!

Ed is turning to the internet to re-energized his thoughts and those creative abilities as a writer, actor, filmmaker that he developed back in film school before the tools of storytelling became faster and cheaper. With his podcast THE ICE QUEENS and other websites he’s turning those thoughts into reality that people can listen to and read.

But, Ed being the creative curious person that he is, turns the tables and asks us a few questions. Good thing David Shelleny was there to tell us about funnels or well we would still be talking.

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On the show:
Ed Pierce webtwitter
Sean McMenemy webtwitter
David Shelleny webtwitter

Ed Pierce (Right) is explaining THE ICE QUEENS

David Tweets about the show after a fast set up.


Things that came up!
Blurbrry audio player
Google Analytics

Both are forms of higher education.
Jack Handy

Need to make a book?

Post some Thoughts?

For those of you who never used film here are some fun facts about Conforming Film and Edge Numbers

Yup we are at Starbucks again in the meeting room.

MMN ep:017 Dominizuelan 2 people in the city

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Meet Dominizuelan! Catch their 2 woman show “People in the City” and watch them on the the Internet.  As it says on their shirts, Wendy Mateo the “short Hispanic” and Lorena Diaz the “tall Hispanic” make up the funny crew.  Building on life experience and a keen observation of the characters that populate their life, they are finding ways to express what’s on their minds right here in the heart of Chicago.

On the show:
Wendy Mateo & Lorena Diaz web – twitter
Sean McMenemy web – twitter

Things that came up!
Dominizuelan WebsiteWatch this!
School of Acting of South Florida
Joke Me Gently
Kathy and Moe Show
Director  Charna Helpren
Junot Díaz   The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
IO Improv
Dominizuelan at IO Improv

MMN ep:016 Because you’re MUTHA said so!

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Today I’m talking with Mutha Mae, well that’s her TV name but there’s much more to this Mutha from St. Louis than baby barf and play dates.  She’s media savvy and knows what kind of shows she thinks people want to watch.  She doesn’t need a fancy TV crew just her backyard and some shop lights and she’s ready to go!

If you’re thinking “I wish I could do a show”.  Then listen to what Mutha Mae has to say and maybe you’ll get off your duff and start making some content!

On the show:
Mutha Mae Mason webtwitterfacebook
Sean McMenemy webtwitter

Shows to watch for from your Mutha!
Word to your Mutha
The Plus Side
Coast to Coast Parenting

Things that came up!
Writers Guild of America
Canon VR800
Scotty’s Got an Office Job
Culture Surfer

Location, Location, Location!
Well, this one was record over the phone via U.S. Cellular