Become a Distribution Partner!

We’re happy to announce partnerships with Daisy Whitney of the New Media Minute.  Not only will you be able to hear news about what’s going on in the Midwest and elsewhere, you’ll be able to watch their shows right here too!

We are forming partnerships with other content creators and leaders in the New Media industry. Want to be a partner with us? Do you have content you think will be a perfect fit? Want to be a regular on the show? It’s easy just send us an email!

Sean McMenemy

Bio:Filmmaker, Motion Graphics Artist, After Effects, 3D Artist, Director, Podcaster, Concept Artist, KCMO Native, PC Lover Yeah that’s my twitter profile. I’m also content wrangler for Midwest Media Now!
website / twitter / contact

Matt Kern

Bio:Social Commerce, Social Media, Web Developer, WordPress, Buddypress, Chicago, Video Game Audio Director –,
website / twitter / contact

Daisy Whitney

Bio:Writer/Reporter/Web Host covering new media, online video and the business models behind them.

Daisy Whitney and the “New Media Minute”. A voice from the West Coast with valuable information about the Entertainment and New Media Industry. Her show the “New Media Minute” is a great source industry information that content creators in the Midwest should use as a guide when creating content for the global market and see how to best position yourself and your content..
website / twitter

David Shelleny

Bio:David is a Marketing Manager with Moneris Solutions in Schaumburg, Illinois.  He is also the owner/producer of GroundWorks Media Group, a company that specializes in video, audio and Flash production, as well as website design.  He is a dad of two, a shooter, editor, musician, and can be usually be found in his studio in the small hours with other #nightshift designers, coders, and thinkers.
website / twitter

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