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  • MMN Season 2 ep 004 Crossing Lines

    I talk with Charlie Breit about his Branded entertainment project "The Lines". He's also putting together a meetup on Thursday September 29th to bring together local Chicago filmmakers. "The Lines" is branded entertainment sort of "The Hills" meets driver education. Allstate Insurance is the brand and safe driving is the message. Charlie cleverly weaves young adult situations with driving mishaps. Each episode ends with nice message about safe driving. The production quality is great and he's found brought together some great local actors. The project is worth watching and a good sign that brands in the Midwest might be looking for opportunities to get their messages out in different ways.

  • Ping

    We want to partner with you the help bring this site and the stories, podcasts, tips and tricks and whatever else we can come up with a voice in the Midwest to help other content creators old and new find a new way to establish a creative foot hold in middle America and salute the ones already there. We want to help create the opportunity to not only get you're content out there but to get your voice and your story out there as the experts you are or working towards.

  • MMN: ep 029 Girl Power!

    Jessica Christopher and Jayme Joyce are the two founding filmmakers behind Joone Studios a NEW New Media studio located in Wicker Park. They have all the amenities an budding filmmaker or new media content creator could want.

  • MMN ep:024 A Face in the Crowd

    This is a first, but I'm sure not a last. New Media talking about Old Media well at least on this show. Today we're talking about a film "A Face In The Crowd" Director: Elia Kazan 1957

  • Let's Create New Media in Chicago!

    Let's see how much you know about Chicago! Local New Media Showcase - A showcase of locally produced new media web series, podcasts, and more. We want new media folks to meet new audiences and create new opportunities for themselves and others. new media content creators

  • Welcome to our Welcome Episode

    Welcome to Midwest Media Now You can listen to our show directly from the web site or subscribe to the show in iTunes. What is Midwest Media Now all about It's about content creators in the Midwest We'll be talking about how you get started and the tools we use once we make that leap