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    If you're a filmmaker and you need a crowd scene come shoot at one of our events If you're a photographer and you have an idea for your next project that involves a crowd Why not use us as your subjects?

  • MMN ep:020 Let's Create!

    What's "Let's Create"? It's different things too different people, for Midwest Media Now it's a chance to meet other content creators, new media movers and shakers, just a bunch of fun people that believe in the power of social media. We networked, showcased peoples works and made a couple shows like the one you are getting ready to listen right now.

  • Let's Create New Media in Chicago!

    Let's see how much you know about Chicago! Local New Media Showcase - A showcase of locally produced new media web series, podcasts, and more. We want new media folks to meet new audiences and create new opportunities for themselves and others. new media content creators