Midwest Media Now!

  • MMN ep:026 MTSS the title says it all.

    I say that's short for something because I want to get indexed by Google. It stands for the "Midwest Teen Sex Show" It's not what you think it is, so listen up! But it's something you should watch and watch whatever else Guy Clark might be working.

  • MMN ep:025 Milk Money

    It takes money to make Milk, I mean it takes money to make movies. That's just what Todd Tue of Milk Products Media is doing with his latest project titled "From Grass to Cheese". Friday the 19th they kicked off their fund raising efforts to make a feature doc about making organic cheese in Ohio. When Todd visited the Noland's Family farm last year he thought it might be an interesting project.

  • MMN ep:024 A Face in the Crowd

    This is a first, but I'm sure not a last. New Media talking about Old Media well at least on this show. Today we're talking about a film "A Face In The Crowd" Director: Elia Kazan 1957

  • MMN ep:023 The Edge of Fringe in Chicago

    Mikayla Brown and Vinnie Lacey of Fringe Chicago talked with me about their upcoming event slated for the beginning of September. If you're a performer get your application in there now! The deadline for submissions is February 15th 2010. If you like watching raw creativity well you better pencil in some time between Sept 1st - 5th.

  • MMN ep:022 Master of Funny

    It's been a year since we last talked to Joe Avella. If you remember he's one of the first people we talked to when we kicked off Midwest Media Now! He was making great stuff then but now he's working on something even bigger, a feature length film. Yeah a feature!

  • MMN ep:020 Let's Create!

    What's "Let's Create"? It's different things too different people, for Midwest Media Now it's a chance to meet other content creators, new media movers and shakers, just a bunch of fun people that believe in the power of social media. We networked, showcased peoples works and made a couple shows like the one you are getting ready to listen right now.

  • MMN ep:019 Ep Pierce EpicDeer

    Listen to this episode to find out the secret clues about Epicdeer, Ed Pierce's brainchild and see if you can solve the puzzle before the end of the show! Turns out we only figured out one of the secrets... If you can figure out the others. SOMEBODY TELL US, PLEASE!

  • MMN ep:017 Dominizuelan 2 people in the city

    Meet Dominizuelan! Catch their 2 woman show "People in the City" and watch them on the the Internet. Building on life experience and a keen observation of the characters that populate their life, they are finding ways to express what's on their minds right here in the heart of Chicago.

  • MMN ep:016 Because you're MUTHA said so!

    Today I'm talking with Mutha Mae, well that's her TV name but there's much more to this Mutha from St. Louis than baby barf and play dates.

  • MMN ep:015 LIVE from the Vending Room!

    Meet Bill Fortune and Joe Klein. Sound engineers and Voice Over artists taking a bite out of the new media era. Their group New Media Creative is creating polished audio for all levels media creation. Check out why they are into new media, how the business is changing and we'll pick up a few tips along the way about Voice Over techniques.