• Let's Create New Media in Chicago!

    Let's see how much you know about Chicago! Local New Media Showcase - A showcase of locally produced new media web series, podcasts, and more. We want new media folks to meet new audiences and create new opportunities for themselves and others. new media content creators

  • New Media World.

    After February 17th I mean June 12th a new age of digital content will be born here in the United States Pretty soon you won't have to schedule your life around the shows the networks and cable gives us Content creators need to start asking themselves what this means.

  • LED lighting by PRG Lighting

    I was at the Chicago HD EXPO and talked with PRG Lighting about LED Lighting for film and video We are always looking for ways to keep our subjects cooler and this is about as cool as you can get and still have the light on Trisha from PRG Lighting explains some of their lighting configurations in the video below.

  • WIF Women In Film Chicago

    Recently at the HD EXPO in Chicago I meet up with a few people and they talked about their services Here I talked to WIF Chicago See what they are all about, their events and yes Men can join too! WIF, Women in Film Chicago from Sean McMenemy on Vimeo.

  • And They're OFF!

    You can follow their adventures by going to FILMBLAZER!  We can't wait to see the first film in their tour.  It won't be much longer. What are we doing here in Chicago to help make a T3 film here.  We'll keep an eye on them as they get closer and closer to Chicago