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  • MMN! Ep 032 Here Comes The Bod Squad

    Listen to the podcast right here! Or Subscribe to Midwest Media Now! On iTunes New media doesn’t just have to be about creating some new drama or sketch comedy. It […]

  • It's Never too late…

    It’s never to late to get started in new media. As you look around this site you’ll see all kinds of mentions of groups getting together and learning from each […]

  • MMN: ep 031 Oh look LADYPARTS

    I spent the evening with Jeph Porter and crew at Joone Studios in Wicker Park watching them wrap on a full day of shooting their sketch comedy series "Ladyparts".

  • MMN ep:030 Kickstart your project

    Well it looks like Joe Avella reached his goal but you still have time to add to his bottom line so he can have a larger budget to make something cool. He droped by our normal Wednesdays @Starbucks to tell us about his project and how's he's funding it through KickStarter. What's always great about talking with Joe is his views of making this stuff called new media. Well really new media is just the way he's getting the word out about his film. But he has some great views about where film and content creation is going.

  • MMN: ep 029 Girl Power!

    Jessica Christopher and Jayme Joyce are the two founding filmmakers behind Joone Studios a NEW New Media studio located in Wicker Park. They have all the amenities an budding filmmaker or new media content creator could want.

  • MMN ep:028 Infamous = Famous

    Joey Barto, Director/Co-Creator and Greg Washington, Producer/Co-Creator/Main Character are working hard on their own mythology and creating a story of people with, well let's just say special talents. Infamous The Web Series, FIND, FRIEND, FOLLOW

  • MMN ep:027 Maybe Hip? You BET!

    Talk about making media this group of creative start ups are making media A TON OF IT! They are the "Ted Turners" of Chicago's Northshore. Starting in a garage... well they are still in a garage ( no reason you can't have a great studio in a garage) they are building a media empire with an impressive line up of shows that are covering all kinds of happenings in Chicago and the Internet.

  • The Future of ENG/EFP

    Repost from Not sure if you remember the scene with the reporter taking pictures I love using my Kodak Zi8 It's actually a nice little production camera. Why should a filmmaker have two

  • MMN ep:026 MTSS the title says it all.

    I say that's short for something because I want to get indexed by Google. It stands for the "Midwest Teen Sex Show" It's not what you think it is, so listen up! But it's something you should watch and watch whatever else Guy Clark might be working.

  • MMN ep:025 Milk Money

    It takes money to make Milk, I mean it takes money to make movies. That's just what Todd Tue of Milk Products Media is doing with his latest project titled "From Grass to Cheese". Friday the 19th they kicked off their fund raising efforts to make a feature doc about making organic cheese in Ohio. When Todd visited the Noland's Family farm last year he thought it might be an interesting project.