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Midwest Media Now has one simple mission.  To find out what’s going on in the Midwest with content creation.

Along the way we’ll find about the various kinds of artists that are diving into this arena called New Media.  How they started, the tricks and tips they might have picked up along the way and how to spread the word about the shows being born right here in the heartland.

We are talking all thing “New Media” really what does that even mean?  To us it’s a new way of getting your ideas out there.  Whether it’s Blog or your very own TV series we’ll be talking about the whole range of content creation.  The hosts of the show also produce their own projects and have found the Internet the ultimate way to release their content.  The more you listen the more you will too.

Soon everyone will be going digital and this will enable the smaller, independent producer to find new ways to get their content out there.  This show will help with people just getting started and show off the ones that are well on the way.

If you want to be a part of the conversation just jump in!
Drop us a line and let us know what you would like to hear about or recommend your favorite show.
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Sean McMenemy

Sean McMenemy

Bio:Filmmaker, Motion Graphics Artist, After Effects, 3D Artist, Director, Podcaster, Concept Artist, KCMO Native, PC Lover Yeah that’s my twitter profile. I’m also content wrangler for Midwest Media Now!

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