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This is the gear we use and love to make our videos and podcast and whatever the heck else we are doing. Check it out and tell us what you like. For us it’s about content.  You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to tell a story, you just need to find a creative way to tell it. But we’re not saying you can’t have the expensive toys!

Starting with the Kodak Zi8 it’s MMN’s official pocket HD camera.   If you are filmmaker or video producer you should have this camera in your kit. The video quality is great and the mic input makes the the future of ENG cameras.  Plus if it’s in your bag you’ll always be ready to shoot!

Don’t forget it’s little brother Zi6 it’s a handy little camera, records 720p and can be found at Office Max most of the time for around 69.95!

Zoom’s H2 is a perfect low budget digital recorder. Works great as a stand alone unit with it’s built in mic. But when used with a mixer or shotgun mic it doubles as a master record deck or souped up field recorder. SD cards are cheap now you’ll have more audio than you’ll know what to do with.
You need a mic to record your podcast and sure the H2 can save you a lot of trouble. Sometimes you just need extra mics on hand for a group. If this mic is good enough for the stage it’s great for podcasting. Sometimes these Samson Q7s go on sale and when they do they are always a great price, we picked up 4. Very durable and inexpensive and to us they sound warm.

Now that we had all these mics we needed something to plug them into. This mixer is great its small enough to fit into a normal book bag for easy transport. It’s a 10 channel mixer but the important thing is 6 XLR mics at once. When you are recording groups that’s what you need. You can go with 4 mics but we promise you’ll feel like you’ll outgrow it the second you take it out of the box.
We also run on lots of sugar. Donuts, hot chocolate, that gets us going for our Wed meetups. But if you drop by you can pick your favorite.