New Media and The Midwest

How is Chicago and the Midwest working towards these goals that Leo Leporte is taking about in his speech to Online News Association? Here are the three main points you should watch out for as a content creator. Here’s your chance to share and let us know what you are doing or things you know are happening. Don’t you think other people want to know this stuff too?
1. Anybody can do it.
2. Reach.
3. Engagement with it’s audience.

Let’s face that day is here where anyone with a mic or a video camera can be a star. I don’t care how long you’ve studied your craft the individual now has a global reach. There’s no stopping it, but how are local broadcasters and publishers of content taking advantage of this? Are they reaching out to local content creators and looking for ways to integrate them with their online or broadcast channels. Could they be missing out on the next big thing?
What Tools are we making? The one button solution is right around the corner. Who in the Midwest is working on that? One button means. I click buy, subscribe, unlock whatever, now all that content knows how I enjoy my media and it delivers it to the any and all devices I happen to be using at the time.
Do we really care what our viewers think? I do! Here’s why. Pretty soon it won’t be the advertiser paying our production bills it will be the subscriber. I bet you’ll listen then.
You should make the time to watch this talk Leo Leporte gives. It will make you think get an idea where content is going in the next few years. Right now it’s still the wild west. I don’t see why it can’t be the Wild Midwest.

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