Welcome to our Welcome Episode

Welcome to Midwest Media Now! You can listen to our show directly from the web site or subscribe to the show in iTunes.
What is Midwest Media Now all about? It’s about content creators in the Midwest. What we are creating, who we are and how we do it. We’ll be talking about how you get started and the tools we use once we make that leap. We’ll be talking about anything from video cameras to the web hosts and everything in between.
Even though we are in the Midwest we will cover projects from around the world. Most of these shows have inspired and encouraged us to get our ideas out there and start our own projects. We hope a look inside the Midwest will encourage more content creators to do the same thing and maybe work together.
Do you have a show, tips or tricks or maybe you want to be a guest? Then click here! Let us know what you are doing and we’ll get you on the show.
This is an important time to be a content creator and getting the word out about your content and helping others make theirs. Together we help make the Midwest stand out as a place to get you next form of entertainment.

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