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MMN ep:016 Because you're MUTHA said so!

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Today I’m talking with Mutha Mae, well that’s her TV name but there’s much more to this Mutha from St. Louis than baby barf and play dates.  She’s media savvy and knows what kind of shows she thinks people want to watch.  She doesn’t need a fancy TV crew just her backyard and some shop lights and she’s ready to go!

If you’re thinking “I wish I could do a show”.  Then listen to what Mutha Mae has to say and maybe you’ll get off your duff and start making some content!

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Shows to watch for from your Mutha!
Word to your Mutha
The Plus Side
Coast to Coast Parenting
Things that came up!
Writers Guild of America
Canon VR800
Scotty’s Got an Office Job
Culture Surfer
Location, Location, Location!
Well, this one was record over the phone via U.S. Cellular