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After February 17th I mean June 12th a new age of digital content will be born here in the United States. What does this mean for content creators? Take a really good look at your iTunes or Tivo. Pretty soon you won’t have to schedule your life around the shows the networks and cable gives us. You’ll be able to fit that content around your life.
Early adopters have already started making such changes, and it won’t be long before this becomes more mainstream as the technology makes things simple for everyone to view what they want when they want it.
Content creators need to start asking themselves what this means.

  1. First it means it won’t matter what size the screen you are trying to make your content for, people are going to watch it the way they want to watch it. You can’t do anything about it.
  2. Second, you better have a understanding of how you are going to get your content out there. This won’t mean spending a year on the film festival circuit or waiting for a big break from Hollywood. You are wasting time that won’t help you launch your next project.
  3. Third, realizing you have a lot more control of how your content gets out there. Which means the more you control it the more it comes back to you. The credit, the money, the ownership.
  4. Fourth, be ready to listen. If you’re lucky enough to get fans listen to them, make them happy.

All this is much better for all content creators, bloggers, painter, musicians, filmmakers whatever content you are creating. You will have power and you won’t need to go through any of the publishing machines of the past any longer.
I hope with this site and some of the posts you’ll start finding here you’ll see more and more evidence of this coming around. Let us know what you are thinking and lets see if together we can figure out ways to make sure well all can make our content find a home.
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