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MMN ep:015 LIVE from the Vending Room!

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Just kidding we’re at Starbucks again. Since we couldn’t get the room and I didn’t want to squeeze everyone in my car. We went for the common area.
Meet Bill Fortune and Joe Klein. Sound engineers and Voice Over artists taking a bite out of the new media era. Their group New Media Creative is creating polished audio for all levels media creation. Check out why they are into new media, how the business is changing and we’ll pick up a few tips along the way about Voice Over techniques.
Here’s a tip: if you’re going to record at a Starbucks go the other side of the store.

Bill Fortune, David Shelleny


We’re all hooked in!

Sean McMenemy, Celina Acquaro

Joe Klein on the phone.

On the show:
Bill Fortune New Media Creativetwitter – e-mail
Joe Klein New Media Creativetwitter – e-mail
David Shelleny web – twitter
Celina Acquaro web
Sean McMenemy webtwitter
Things that came up!
Adam Curry’s Daily  Source Code
Leo Laporte – Journalist
Microphone – Neumann U87
Microphone – Rode
Microphone – Shure SM 58
Microphone Rode NTK Tube Microphone
Magic Voice Box  & Aural Exciter
Organic Throat Coat
Voice Over Extra
Voice Over Universe
Location, Location, Location!
Yup we’re at Starbucks again.
Show notes written by: Celina Acquaro web