MMN S2 ep003 Space Hospital a Galaxy of fun

MMN S2 ep003 Space Hospital a Galaxy of fun
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The Intro
Yes I like cheese especially on pizza, hamburgers, fries, hotdogs and yes some of my content. Check out what one of the co-creators of Space Hospital Rob Poe has to say about making a series on a shoestring and still making sure everyone has fun doing it. Space Hospital has found that balance of cheese, story, camp and fun. It’s a fine line to walk and not many people can do it. You can try to look good and not pull it off or not now how to make it campy and just make it look bad. This kind of work needs the right ideas and the right style and Poe has manages to make it a reality.
Space Hospital is created by Sigurd Ueland and Robert Poe, is produced by Susan Stoebner.
This isn’t for everyone but if you like “Saul of the Molemen” and “Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show” then this might be for you.
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Check out their Space Hospital’s Blog for Behind the Scenes details.
Shout out to Rob Gokee for for doing some cool music for Space Hospital. Follow Him on Twitter
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Things That Came UP
Second City Chicago The Conservatory
Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog
The Victory Theater Center
Some Tools They Use
Garage Band

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