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MMN! Ep 032 Here Comes The Bod Squad

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New media doesn’t just have to be about creating some new drama or sketch comedy. It can be about education and motivation and that’s exactly what Carrie Drapac & Kira Elliott of Comfy Fitness are doing with their show The Bod Squad.  Let me tell you they are excited about what they are doing and their putting a lot energy into it!  I guess it comes natural to them being fitness experts and all.

This is really a mash up of production backgrounds, artistic skills and professional experience as personal trainers coming together as a creative outlet for children.  Their goal here is to combat childhood diabetes but do it with fun and creativity.  It looks like they have a great start, so listen to the podcast and hear how all this came about.  Also at the bottom of the show notes you can check out one of their episodes.
The Bod Squad has already started production on their new series and they are looking at creative ways to fund their project.  So help back them through Kick Starter or contact them directly.  They have a lot of great ideas to make you part of the production and help our kids learn a thing or two about being fit!

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