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Well it looks like Joe Avella reached his goal but you still have time to add to his bottom line so he can have a larger budget to make something cool. He dropped by our normal Wednesdays @Starbucks to tell us about his project and how he’s funding it through KickStarter. What’s always great about talking with Joe is his views of making this stuff called new media. Well really new media is just the way he’s getting the word out about his film. But he has some great views about where film and content creation is going.
This is a first for me. In this podcast you’ll hear the raw unedited version. Okay I added music and an intro but that’s it. On this day was many firsts we even broadcast the show live from Starbucks, which you can watch PART 1 AND PART 2 right here. We are working on the plans to do more of that. So hopefully Starbucks won’t revoke my new GoldCard and tell us to get lost. But we’ll see.
This post will have minimal show notes in order to make this post happen so we can help raise awareness of this and other projects.
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