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MMN ep:028 Infamous = Famous

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Infamous might equal famous but that’s not going to their heads, these guys get it. Making films and making new media is what they are doing down in Shreveport, Louisiana, and that’s about as far away as you can get from Hollywood.
Joey Barto, Director/Co-Creator and Greg Washington, Producer/Co-Creator/Main Character are working hard on their own mythology and creating a story of people with, well let’s just say special talents.
They want to tell stories the way they want to tell stories. That’s a good thing for content creators and viewers.  After you listen to the show you’ll get a better idea what makes these guys tick and making their production flow work.
They are getting deeper into their first season so there’s plenty of time to catch up.  I encourage you to check out their show an if you’re anywhere near Shreveport help these guys out and make things happen there.
On the Show
Infamous The Web Series, FIND, FRIEND, FOLLOW
Joey Barto, Director/Co-Creator
Greg Washington. Producer/Co-Creator/Main Character
Sean McMenemy webtwitter
Things that came up!
Chris Nolan
Shreveport, Louisiana
Millenium Films
Drive Angry
The Gates
The Shreveport Film Industry Meetup Group
Walter Murch
The Gear
Sony EX1
Sony Ex3
Sienhizesr mics wireless
Adobe CS4
After Effects
Production Stills!