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This is just like “2001 a Space Odyssey”. Not sure if you remember the scene with the reporter taking pictures. But his camera was very small, well guess what the future is finally hear. I love using my Kodak Zi8. It’s actually a nice little production camera.

Stephen Knapp in the photo. Photo taken by Tony Gasbarro

I think all filmmakers, content creators and bloggers should have one in their bag of tricks. Well filmmakers should have 2. Why should a filmmaker have two? I’m sure there’s many times you have extra hands on set helping you out. This is a perfect time to hand them a camera and have them get behind the scenes footage or do a quick interview.
It could be used in your extras, blog or promotional material. The image quality will come closer to the look of the film you are shooting. Plus it won’t look like a completely different format which tend to make extras look like a after thought. IMHO
If you’re a hyperlocal news person or blogger this camera and future cameras like this will be the future ENG/EFP cameras
What makes this camera a great ENG/EFP camera?
-HD Video, already off to a great start with full 1920×1080 HD resolution.
-The mic input. With this adapter you can plug in any kind of microphone. Like a reporter type mic, shotgun(that’s the one I use), even a Lavalier mic (you could even plug that in to a wireless system). Don’t forget any extension cords you might need depending on what kind of mic you pick up.
-Replaceable battery. If you do a lot of shooting you’ll want extra batteries. Get at least one extra but 2 are always a better bet. Here’s a charger for when the camera is in use. Want REALLY long life? Check one of my earlier blog posts.
-SD Cards. Need more recording time pop in another card, up to 16 gigs!
-Still images. Check out these, at 5 megapixel they are great for any broadcast situation

Macro setting


This one was aided with a wide angle lens, more on that in a later post.

Here’s a tip need to do a V.O.? Set the camera to a lower video resolution and use your external mic to do your V.O. That way you get a make shift audio recorder since you don’t need the video track it will just make it more manageable.
Kodak the only bit of advice I have is make the door easier to use to get the card out and you can drop the USB port. I’d never dangle that thing from my computer unless I was desperate. Oh and maybe make an audio mode.

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  1. David Miller

    I’m looking for a replacement for my flip mino HD and like your Kodak Zi8. My concern is how does the image look when you pan. When I pan the flip it looks terrible. I usually use it for casting and for location scouting but sometimes I’ll use it for a third or fourth camera.

    • Sean McMenemy

      Dave it does have the same problem especially with really fast pans. Slow pans not so much. You notice it a lot when you walking with the camera and holding it in your hand. Everything seems wobbly. In the next week or so I’ll be putting up a post with some video we did with 3 Zi8’s. But I’ll do a special post to show the pan effects and how to get around.

  2. Stephen Knapp

    Nice review of the Zi8, Sean. I especially like the pic Tony took. But I hope you won’t mind a couple of corrections.
    1. The mic adapter you pointed to in the link will not work for the mics since it is the wrong gender. Here is a link to one that works, and it costs less too:–HOSXVM49
    2. The max capacity of the SDHC card is 32 Gb, not 16.
    Thanks for recommending buying one of these cams, good buddy. It came in handy at my son’s wedding.

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