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MMN ep:023 The Edge of Fringe in Chicago

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On the edge of creative performance you will find the fringe. Mikayla Brown and Vinnie Lacey of Fringe Chicago talked with me about their upcoming event slated for the beginning of September. If you’re a performer get your application in there now! The deadline for submissions is February 15th 2010. If you like watching raw creativity well you better pencil in some time between Sept 1st – 5th.
This is no ordinary performance showcase this is stuff you won’t see at any mainstream events. Even Mikayla and Vinnie don’t know what to expect. But judging from their passion and their experience with similar events it’s going to be crazy fun! Fringe events have had quite a history and are popping up all over the county and now here is Chicago!
Just listen to the show and get all the details and hear the history of Fringe.

On the show:
Chicago Fringe
Sarah Mikayla Brown
Executive Producer/Interim Board President (Board Member)
Vinnie Lacey
Vice President (Board Member)
Sean McMenemy webtwitter
Things that came up!
Chicago Fringe
Argo Tea
Find out more about Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood here, here and here!
Minnesota Fringe
Fringe NYC
TimeOut NewYork
PopUP Art
Crash Pad Puppets
Chicago Fringe 411
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