• CN-160 LED Light UnBox

    If you’re looking for a cheap “inexpensive” light pick, up one or two of these. I do an unboxing of the lights I’ve purchased and just recently used them on […]

  • Ping

    We want to partner with you the help bring this site and the stories, podcasts, tips and tricks and whatever else we can come up with a voice in the Midwest to help other content creators old and new find a new way to establish a creative foot hold in middle America and salute the ones already there. We want to help create the opportunity to not only get you're content out there but to get your voice and your story out there as the experts you are or working towards.

  • How to Fake a Webcam

    The Zi8 comes though again. For this episode of FashionCents we needed a webcam look but I didn’t want to record the webcam video and try to make that HiDef. […]

  • Can your location drive the drama and dollars?

    What I'm proposing here is not only making great characters in your web-series but do so in a place where your location can become an integrated part of your storyline as well.  In your neighborhood, town or suburb.  Maybe in our scripts we shouldn't make just any place that could be anywhere. Put it on the map, your map.

  • Mini MultiCAM

    In an effort to try something new with new media or at least new to us we set up a 3 camera shoot using 3 Kodak Zi8's with our at Starbucks as part of our regular Wednesday gatherings. We've started experimenting with a live feed webcam. One of our regular members is building a setup that will fit in to 2 small cases and have 3 cameras, a switcher, color corrector, titles and sound mixer. That's all that other gear you see on the table. The other systems you can see used on our uStream Channel as well. It has the feel of early radio I know but it's funny when you can bring all that stuff together and go live right from Starbucks!

  • See a need and fill it

    Jeremy Winters is setting a great example here for students and educators. Where you see a need, fill it. That's just what he's doing by starting an after school program supporting art programs. Now he has the attention of the City of Chicago. It all starts with an idea. Midwest Media Now says great job Jeremy Winters!

  • It's Never too late…

    It’s never to late to get started in new media. As you look around this site you’ll see all kinds of mentions of groups getting together and learning from each […]

  • The Future of ENG/EFP

    Repost from Not sure if you remember the scene with the reporter taking pictures I love using my Kodak Zi8 It's actually a nice little production camera. Why should a filmmaker have two


    If you're a filmmaker and you need a crowd scene come shoot at one of our events If you're a photographer and you have an idea for your next project that involves a crowd Why not use us as your subjects?

  • New Media and The Midwest

    How is Chicago and the Midwest working towards these goals that Leo Leporte is taking about in his speech to Online News Association. Here are the three main points you should watch out for as a content creator. Here's your chance to share and let us know what you are doing or things you know are happening. Don't you think other people want to know this stuff too?