MMN ep:025 Milk Money

It takes money to make Milk, I mean it takes money to make movies. That’s just what Todd Tue of Milk Products Media is doing with his latest project titled “From Grass to Cheese”. Friday the 19th they kicked off their fund raising efforts to make a feature doc about making organic cheese in Ohio. When Todd visited the Nolan’s Family farm last year he thought it might be an interesting project.

But what he found was a great story of family working together to make a living and build a future for themselves. Not only was he inspired by the land but the Nolans as well.

One of the best things about this fund raising effort you get more than just a name on the credits you get cheese! Come on what more can you ask for?

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Seriously watch the trailer and try and tell me the Midwest isn’t beautiful!

A small sample from a feature length documentary about the Nolan’s family-run dairy farm in Ohio and their venture into cheese making. This project is currently under production and needs your support please visit

Milk Products Media
Laurel Valley Creamery
The Farmers Wife
Seven Signs
HVX 200
P2 Cards
Final Cut
Small Chicago


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