MMN ep:017 Dominizuelan 2 people in the city

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Meet Dominizuelan! Catch their 2 woman show “People in the City” and watch them on the the Internet.  As it says on their shirts, Wendy Mateo the “short Hispanic” and Lorena Diaz the “tall Hispanic” make up the funny crew.  Building on life experience and a keen observation of the characters that populate their life, they are finding ways to express what’s on their minds right here in the heart of Chicago.

On the show:
Wendy Mateo & Lorena Diaz web – twitter
Sean McMenemy web – twitter

Things that came up!
Dominizuelan WebsiteWatch this!
School of Acting of South Florida
Joke Me Gently
Kathy and Moe Show
Director  Charna Helpren
Junot Díaz   The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
IO Improv
Dominizuelan at IO Improv

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