MMN ep:017 Dominizuelan 2 people in the city

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Meet Dominizuelan! Catch their 2 woman show “People in the City” and watch them on the the Internet.  As it says on their shirts, Wendy Mateo the “short Hispanic” and Lorena Diaz the “tall Hispanic” make up the funny crew.  Building on life experience and a keen observation of the characters that populate their life, they are finding ways to express what’s on their minds right here in the heart of Chicago.

On the show:
Wendy Mateo & Lorena Diaz web – twitter
Sean McMenemy web – twitter

Things that came up!
Dominizuelan WebsiteWatch this!
School of Acting of South Florida
Joke Me Gently
Kathy and Moe Show
Director  Charna Helpren
Junot Díaz   The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
IO Improv
Dominizuelan at IO Improv

Get Your Video in the New Media Minute! Come Collaborate!

Want to have your video featured in the New Media Minute? Then check out this week’s edition where Daisy Whitney unveils a contest for video creators to produce a 10-to-15 second video to be featured in an upcoming episode. You’ll also learn about collaboration, the new watchword in the production community. New tools and technology from Adobe, Wiredrive and Facebook are letting producers work together more easily. Animators even contributed shots to an upcoming film via Facebook and you’ll learn all the details here in the New Media Minute. Plus, Daisy Whitney shares some good news about a book — hers!

MMN ep:016 Because you’re MUTHA said so!

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Today I’m talking with Mutha Mae, well that’s her TV name but there’s much more to this Mutha from St. Louis than baby barf and play dates.  She’s media savvy and knows what kind of shows she thinks people want to watch.  She doesn’t need a fancy TV crew just her backyard and some shop lights and she’s ready to go!

If you’re thinking “I wish I could do a show”.  Then listen to what Mutha Mae has to say and maybe you’ll get off your duff and start making some content!

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Mutha Mae Mason webtwitterfacebook
Sean McMenemy webtwitter

Shows to watch for from your Mutha!
Word to your Mutha
The Plus Side
Coast to Coast Parenting

Things that came up!
Writers Guild of America
Canon VR800
Scotty’s Got an Office Job
Culture Surfer

Location, Location, Location!
Well, this one was record over the phone via U.S. Cellular

MMN ep:015 LIVE from the Vending Room!

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Just kidding we’re at Starbucks again. Since we couldn’t get the room and I didn’t want to squeeze everyone in my car. We went for the common area.

Meet Bill Fortune and Joe Klein. Sound engineers and Voice Over artists taking a bite out of the new media era. Their group New Media Creative is creating polished audio for all levels media creation. Check out why they are into new media, how the business is changing and we’ll pick up a few tips along the way about Voice Over techniques.

Here’s a tip: if you’re going to record at a Starbucks go the other side of the store.


Bill Fortune, David Shelleny


We’re all hooked in!

Sean McMenemy, Celina Acquaro

Joe Klein on the phone.

On the show:
Bill Fortune New Media Creativetwitter – e-mail
Joe Klein New Media Creativetwitter – e-mail
David Shelleny web – twitter
Celina Acquaro web
Sean McMenemy webtwitter

Things that came up!
Adam Curry’s Daily  Source Code
Leo Laporte – Journalist

Microphone – Neumann U87
Microphone – Rode
Microphone – Shure SM 58
Microphone Rode NTK Tube Microphone
Magic Voice Box  & Aural Exciter

Organic Throat Coat

Voice Over Extra
Voice Over Universe

Location, Location, Location!
Yup we’re at Starbucks again.

Show notes written by: Celina Acquaro web

New Media World.

After February 17th I mean June 12th a new age of digital content will be born here in the United States. What does this mean for content creators? Take a really good look at your iTunes or Tivo. Pretty soon you won’t have to schedule your life around the shows the networks and cable gives us. You’ll be able to fit that content around your life.

Early adopters have already started making such changes, and it won’t be long before this becomes more mainstream as the technology makes things simple for everyone to view what they want when they want it.

Content creators need to start asking themselves what this means.

  1. First it means it won’t matter what size the screen you are trying to make your content for, people are going to watch it the way they want to watch it. You can’t do anything about it.
  2. Second, you better have a understanding of how you are going to get your content out there. This won’t mean spending a year on the film festival circuit or waiting for a big break from Hollywood. You are wasting time that won’t help you launch your next project.
  3. Third, realizing you have a lot more control of how your content gets out there. Which means the more you control it the more it comes back to you. The credit, the money, the ownership.
  4. Fourth, be ready to listen. If you’re lucky enough to get fans listen to them, make them happy.

All this is much better for all content creators, bloggers, painter, musicians, filmmakers whatever content you are creating. You will have power and you won’t need to go through any of the publishing machines of the past any longer.

I hope with this site and some of the posts you’ll start finding here you’ll see more and more evidence of this coming around. Let us know what you are thinking and lets see if together we can figure out ways to make sure well all can make our content find a home.

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