MMN ep:012 David Miller of Viral Film Video

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I had a few minutes on my way in to Chicago to check out the HD EXPO and I had a chance to sit down and talk with David Miller of Viral Film Video. Okay BE WARNED We talk about some adult themes that appear on several of his shows. If you don’t like that subject this might not be the episode for you. But his works is funny and worth checking out.


On the show:
David Miller Contact
Sean McMenemy webtwitter

Check out David Miller’s Features here!
Mindlight Films

Projects that can be found on Viral Film Video.
Viral Film Video
Assisted Living Follow Assisted Living on Twitter
Rochelle Show

Things that came up!
Koldcast Assisted Living on Koldcast
Unleashed Video
Amazon Create Space

Behind the Scenes.
Lake Shore Theater
Final Draft, Celtx
Panasonic AG HVX200

Some of the Cast!
Dustin White
Grace McPhillips
Red Hot Annie

Things to check out!
Chicago New Media Summit. Chicago Convergence
Seth Godin

Location, Location, Location! Big deal it’s where we recorded.

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