Midwest Media Now 005: Michael Palombo and Fans of Film

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In this show we talk with Michael Palombo from Fans of Film it’s a community site for filmmakers.  Michael believes in the future of digital downloads for movies and other visual content.  We found him on twitter or should I say he found us.  Either way he’s a great find. Look for him to be on many more shows as his brainstorm grows.  We forgot to include how to find him in the actual show but as always you can find him here in the show notes.

Please make contact with him and join his group.  These are the kind of thing that will help Content Creators anywhere really make an impact in future of entertainment.

Who’s Who?
Michael Palombo Michael on Twitter!
Matt Kern web, twitter
Sean McMenemy web, twitter

Things that came up!
Duke City Shootout Food for Thought 2008
Fans of FILM
The Root66
The Filmmakers Channel
CD Baby
New Uprising.

2 thoughts on “Midwest Media Now 005: Michael Palombo and Fans of Film

  1. Piracy is the highest form of flattery. Michael Palombo is awesome!

  2. Yea, he was a great person to interview. I learned a lot from him and you could tell the whole time how excited he was by the topic.

    We will be keeping out eyes on Fans of Film and have Michael back soon to hear about his progress.

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