Midwest Media Now Ep007. T3 Coming to a town near you!

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T3! No not another Terminator movie, The Two Week Turnaround Tour! Is coming to a city near you. Joshua J. Mills and Jamie Blankenship are getting ready to embark on a great adventure that you can be a part of, and they are going to need all the help they can get.

If you like making films and you got some time to spare check out where their tour will be making some stops.

They are going to 14 cities so you are bound to be near one of them. We recorded this show a few weeks ago when they thought they were going to kick off their tour in Wilmington NC… Things had to change so they are starting in Greensboro, NC. If you are anywhere near there sign up now.

Midwest Media Now can’t wait till they make it to Chicago we plan on being part of the crew and we’ll make a couple podcast about the event along the way.

Where to find them and a script tool you should download to help write the script for your town.

Check out what Josh and Jamie use to make their films.
Canon XL2
Sennheiser shotgun
Kessler Crane
Canon HF11
Beachtek Audio Adaptor
Final Cut

Things that came!
48hour Film Project
We mentioned BarCamp and I blew right over thinking people already know what it is. Well here’s a link to it. I’m sure we’ll bring it up on future shows. Bar Camp

If you are not following Seth Godin you should. Start reading now. Souvenirs

Be a City Producer and sign up to be in the know.
City Producers
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How to contact Josh and Jamie.
Josh@filmblazer.com twitter.com/JoshuaJMills
Jamie@filmblazer.com twitter.com/ClearlyJamie

Midwest Media Now 006: Podcasting: The basics

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On this show we talk about making a podcast.  You do know a podcast can be anything.  It can be audio, video, stills with music or narration.  Seriously it can be anything.  We run through some of the basics.  Work flow, tools for recording and editing, making RSS feeds and submitting your show to iTunes.

If I can figure it out you can too.  If you have any questions about what we talked about or want us to dive into things a little deeper any subject just let us know.  If we don’t know how to do it we will find someone who does.

Who’s who.
David Shelleny Twitter
Arturo Pelayo Twitter
Matt Kern Twitter
Sean McMenemy Twitter

Things to Think about
ADA Compliant
Closed Captioning

Garage Band
iTunes U
Pro Tools
Waves for Pro Tools

Shure FP33
Sennheiser MKU60
Sennheiser Evolution G2 100 Series
Zoom H2
Blue USB Mic
Blue Mic for your Ipod


Izzy Video
Creative Cow

Find like minded content creators:
Chicago Convergence

NOW That you have your content:
Podcast Pickel

Submit a Podcast Sorry, I said Add a Podcast. I’ve done it enough times I should know better. When you start iTunes click on Podcast and look for this image. “Submit a Podcast”

Midwest Media Now 005: Michael Palombo and Fans of Film

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In this show we talk with Michael Palombo from Fans of Film it’s a community site for filmmakers.  Michael believes in the future of digital downloads for movies and other visual content.  We found him on twitter or should I say he found us.  Either way he’s a great find. Look for him to be on many more shows as his brainstorm grows.  We forgot to include how to find him in the actual show but as always you can find him here in the show notes.

Please make contact with him and join his group.  These are the kind of thing that will help Content Creators anywhere really make an impact in future of entertainment.

Who’s Who?
Michael Palombo Michael on Twitter!
Matt Kern web, twitter
Sean McMenemy web, twitter

Things that came up!
Duke City Shootout Food for Thought 2008
Fans of FILM
The Root66
The Filmmakers Channel
CD Baby
New Uprising.