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Wednesdays @Starbucks 003

September 15, 2011

Our weekly live show. Tony and Sean talk about the taxi project and Stephen tells us about his new client. There are some good tips in this show about working with clients.

Next Wed we are taking break because we all some projects to work on but the following week we’ll be back. Let us know if you want to call in and be on the show or just share some topic ideas in the comments.

Wednesdays @Starbucks 002

September 9, 2011

Okay this was a bunch of foolishness. But I think we go our audio issues worked out. We talk about Howard Schultz townhall meeting, Kodak Zi8, conversion software.

Here’s some photos from today.

Photo by Sean McMenemy

Photo by Sean McMenemy

Photo by Tony Gasbarro

Photo by Stephen Knapp

Photo by Stephen Knapp

MMN Season 2 ep 004 Crossing Lines

September 6, 2011

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I talk with Charlie Breit about his Branded entertainment project “The Lines”. He’s also putting together a meetup on Thursday September 29th to bring together local Chicago filmmakers.

“The Lines” is branded entertainment sort of “The Hills” meets driver education. Allstate Insurance is the brand and safe driving is the message. Charlie cleverly weaves young adult situations with driving mishaps. Each episode ends with nice message about safe driving. The production quality is great and he’s brought together some great local actors. The project is worth watching and a good sign that brands in the Midwest might be looking for opportunities to get their messages out in different ways.

On Thursday September 29th Charlie is hosting a Meetup at Market Bar Chicago in the West Loop at 6pm. Be there or be square. Midwest Media Now always supports these gatherings. It’s a great chance to meet people you might want to work with and find out what’s going on here in Chicago.

Hope to see you there!

Find info:
Charlie Breit emailtwitterwebsite

Watch the show:
“The Lines”

CN-160 LED Light UnBox

September 2, 2011

If you’re looking for a cheap “inexpensive” light, pick up one or two of these. I do an unboxing of the lights I’ve purchased and just recently used them on a shoot. Was pretty happy with them and plan on buy 2 or 4 more. Wish they came with barn-doors. Maybe it’s the farm boy in me I think all lights should come with barn-doors.

Find out more at EPhotoINC, or go Check out the spec on the CN-160 or get it for about 10 bucks less on Amazon. It’s nice to NOT have to lug around cords and 3 or 4 of these well fit nicely into my camera bag.

Live from Starbucks

August 25, 2011


Yeah I know we’ve done this kind of show before but we are going to do this as a regular thing at Starbucks. When we get together on Wednesdays we really find we have a lot of discussions that we should have recorded. We even tried it and well guess what that takes time to sift through it and then edit it. So we decided instead of recording shows and not editing them we thought let’s just go live that way it’s done and out there.

For us the important thing is having the conversation and keeping it going. We’ll mostly talk about content creation and the hurdles you have to jump just getting your content out there. Plus we thought with it live if you listen and want to chime in or chat we’ll open that up too. Just in case you have questions for us as we chat.

We’ll still produce the other podcast but this is a great way to keep the conversation going. So if you’re ever in the neighborhood and want to be a part of the conversation we have 2 extra mics open. If those fill up we’re nice guys we’ll share.

I was trying something new with my netbook but we’ll have better audio next time.