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Learn more about how content is created here in the Midwest.
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Midwest Media Now has one simple mission.

To find out what’s going on in the Midwest with content creation.

Along the way we’ll find about the various kinds of artists that are diving into this arena called New Media.  How they started, the tricks and tips they might have picked up along the way and how to spread the word about the shows being born right here in the heartland.

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This is the gear we use and love to make our videos and podcast and whatever the heck else we are doing. Check it out and tell us what you like. For us it’s about content.  You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to tell a story, you just need to find a creative way to tell it. But we’re not saying you can’t have the expensive toys!

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We have a lot of information on our site and links to others about how to get started in social media, blogging, podcasting and filmmaking. If you want to pick our brains about your project you can always drop by Starbucks on Wednesday mornings. We’re always happy to hear new ideas and answer questions or help you find them if we don’t know.

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